FRINK ANALYTICS LAB is the first tool that allows you to scale the activities of your collaboration technologies - meaning: for the first time, you are able to measure the real impact of your collaboration investments. You wonder how? It's simple: FRINK ANALYTICS LAB doesn't only monitor meeting activities in real time but also generates statistics and reports that show which end-users have used which technology and how often. Thus, you are provided with crucial information to visualize your business impact. Moreover, it enables you to significantly improve your collaboration infrastructure, e.g. by saving costs.


Although collaboration services have been THE trend of the past years, there was no proper way to measure their usage or, more importantly, their impact on each individual business. Not ideal, we thought - and decided to develop a solution that - for the first time - highlights what had been hidden in the dark. It's called FRINK ANALYTICS LAB and not only does it let you monitor your collaboration usage in real time, it also creates reports and analytics so you can easily evaluate the success (e.g. when it comes to user adaption or cost savings). You can check the product features below to find more details but rest assured: it will equip you for a greater collaboration future!


A software solution that makes in-depth real-time analysis of user behavior based on collaboration data and enterprise directories visible - that's FRINK ANALYTICS LAB.

Monitor trends

Find out how the meeting behaviour in your business changed over time by learning about your adoption rate, the quality of calls and how the users performed.

Realtime graphs

The FRINK ANALYTICS LAB provides you with interactive graphs in real time. The graphs allow you to plan your IT activities and infrastructure in the best possible way.

Planning support

Dig deeper and make usage visible for the first time: explore which department, which site and which countries are the most active. This feature helps you create customized trainings and supportive initiatives.

Measure Technology Impact

Become a pacemaker in your field! The 3 categories Human factors, Tech factors and Business factors enable you to trace the roots of changes and developments.

Reporting tools

FRINK ANALYTICS LAB allows you to customize your data sets by selecting time frames and data from one of the 3 categories Human, Tech and Business factors. Based on that it creates reports 100% customized to your needs.

Product Security

All communication is done via TLS, both from browser to system as well as from frontend to backend services. Role-based access control (RABC) for users allows granular access to features and full auditing of logins and config changes. A secure Elasticsearch installation using Elastic Shield is implemented.


You are curious how the user experience is designed? Here's a first peek for you.

Product Benefits

Cost Optimization

The FRINK ANALYTICS LAB enables you to compare different sources of costs created by your collaboration technologies. This way, you can optimize your collaboration usage as well as your IT costs.

Cost Control

The FRINK ANALYTICS LAB provides you with real-time interactive graphs in each category. This feature enables you to plan your IT activities and infrastructure in the best possible way.

User Resistance Detection

In order to deploy a technology properly across a company, it is necessary to know why reluctance occurs and where it has its roots. Only then you are able to make significiant steps forward in user adoption.

Incident Detection

Some of your users weren't logged in correctly or had trouble joining a meeting? No problem. The FRINK ANALYTICS LAB will tell you which user was facing what issues. This way, you can support them efficiently without going through a long ticketing phase.

Product Roadmap

Every product launch brings a lot of improvements. Below we describe in a few steps where the journey of FRINK ANALYTICS LAB will head to:

Product Beta Ready

[ 2Q2016 ] For a start, we tried to simulate our plans of fantastic collaboration analytics with WebEx in a functional model. So far so good.


[ 1Q2017 ] We have integrated other Cisco Technologies into our analytics tools. These include at the moment WebEx, UCM, TelePresence and Expressway.


[ 3Q2017 ] We went into friendly customer testing to collect as much feedback as possible. By the end of the day, only satisfying our customer’s needs will create impact.

Benchmarking Tools

[ 1Q2018 ] We aim to make collaboration usage more comparable. Therefore, we soon will offer benchmarking among clients across industries and markets.

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